The Night Guard

Your dentist will be proud. Protecting our teeth is important, especially during times of stress. Goodbite night guards are designed with a hard outer layer which keeps your teeth from moving, and a soft inner layer for optimal comfort, so it fits like a dream. Your health is our priority: our guards are BPA and latex free. 

First we'll ship an impression kit. Take your impression at home, send it back and we'll create your custom night guard! 

  • Delivery

    Choose how frequently you'd like your night guard delivered. Subscribe & save: You'll only have to take your impression once, but continue to find a fresh one delivered every few months.

  • Guard

    If you aren't sure, we suggest upper.

  • Thickness

    1.3mm is the most popular as it's the least bulky. However, for the extra heavy teeth grinders we recommend the 2mm.